FAMILIES will get to enjoy some of the oldest and friendliest pets around at the Hanbury Show.

The Aldabra Giant tortoises on display are Adrian Graham’s personal pets.

And families at the show will be asked just how giant ‘giant’ really is as part of a ‘guess how much Samson weighs’ challenge.

Mr Graham, who travelled from Lincolnshire with the tortoises, said: “I have bought a farm so they have plenty of land.

“They have got their own heated barn and several acres to graze on.

“I have a sanctuary for the smaller guys, and I take them in when other people can’t look after them anymore.”

Mr Graham was given his first pet tortoise aged five when it was discovered he was allergic to dogs, cats, rabbits and most other animals.

The tortoises on display are in their 30s but on average they live 150 years with some surviving past 200.

They don’t reach maturity until around 45.

Mr Graham said they are very similar to humans in terms of their skeletal proportions.

Clare Foster, working with the Hanbury Show said: “It is a traditional countryside show that has really kept its roots in agriculture.

“It is very family friendly. We have got livestock and families can get close to cattle, sheep and goats. There are lots of classes, including home baking, photography, and children’s classes.”

“In the main arena a guy is bringing his dog and duck show.

“His sheep dog herds runner ducks, they are really funny. He is brilliant.”

There will also be, alpacas, local artisans, a steam engine display, horse classes and children can ride ponies.

A stone mason will be displaying some work, and there will be the chance to try archery and much more.

For more on the show, taking place on the showground just off the B4090 at Hanbury, Hollowfields Road, go to hanburyshow.co.uk.

The show is Saturday, July 6.