JEREMY Hunt was greeted by Ludlow MP Philip Dunne when he made the area his first stop after being chosen to join Boris Johnson in the final two in the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister.

Mr Hunt called into Tenbury just hours after he had beaten Michael Gove to make the final round.

He was greeted by Philip Dunne, who came over the bridge from his constituency in Burford to meet the Foreign Secretary when he arrived.

Mr Hunt spent an hour in the town but before he left he managed a quick haircut and the chance to go into local businesses.

The Ludlow MP worked for Mr Hunt when he was at the Department for Health and is backing his former boss for the top job.

Phillip Dunne says that Mr Hunt was excellent to work for and believes that he is the best person to become the next Prime Minister. The two men voted Remain in the European Union Referendum in June 2016 but say that they believe that the result now has to be honoured.

However, both are against leaving the European Union without a deal.

In a national television debate Mr Hunt told his opponent Boris Johnson that he might get his dream of becoming Prime Minister but that leaving without a deal would destroy the business of a Shropshire sheep farmer Mr Hunt had spoken to on a recent visit to the county.

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