THE team of fix-it specialists will be back in Ludlow.

Ludlow’s next Repair Cafe is happening on Saturday, July 29 at the Ludlow Mascall Centre between 10.00 am and 12.30 pm.

If the idea of a Repair Café is something new – here’s how it works.

If there is an item – and it can be pretty well anything from electrical items, to tools, to jewellery, to clothes, to IT equipment, – which is broken or just not working like it used to, bring it along to the Repair Café and the team will try to fix it.

The underlying ethos for Repair Cafés is to move away from the ‘throw-away-society’ so items are repaired, if possible, and only consigned to landfill when they absolutely have to be.

In the past, when money had to stretch further, this repair ethos was prevalent and many of volunteer repairers gained the experience and expertise and skills which they bring to the Repair Cafés back then – but added to the practical element, there is also simply an enjoyment of fixing something!

In the age of austerity one good thing is that people are less inclined just to throw things away if a fix is possible.

Supporting the team of ‘fixers’ is a vital ‘front of house’ administration team, too, who manage the reception process, greeting customers, booking in items brought for repair and, when necessary, organising a queuing system when items exceed available volunteer repairers – and all with a smile!

The partnership between each of these teams underpins their enthusiasm and makes each of Ludlow’s Repair Cafés a pleasure to experience.

Repairs can’t be guaranteed, of course, so there is no charge, but donations are requested to help cover event costs and keep the Repair Café going.

Any surplus is passed to the Furniture Scheme.

The Furniture Scheme helps to support families that have nothing and have often been the victims of domestic violence.

It provides vital household equipment to help the families to make a new start when they have had to move out of their homes.

As well as supporting people in difficult circumstances there is also a team at the Furniture Scheme that refubishes and repairs items to make them usable.

The find out more or get involved, contact Diane Lyle: 07786 620 624 or email:

The autumn Café is on Saturday, October 26 at Rockspring Community Centre, between 10.00 am and 12.30 pm.