THE Mayor of Tenbury is giving the people of the town the chance to nominate groups and organisations that should benefit from his fund raising.

Eric Hudson says that he thinks that there is a gap in ways of supporting good causes in the town and has indicated that he would like to distribute funds to a range of good causes rather than have a single beneficiary.

Every year the Mayor raises funds for a local charity or good cause.

He has indicated that he would like to be able to help charities and groups working with people across the age spectrum in the town.

Mr Hudson says that he recognises the pressures facing older people and the demands in the area on adult social care.

But whilst Mr Hudson says that there are groups that help the elderly there remains a serious problem of people finding themselves isolated.

He is also concerned about the lack of activities for younger people.

Mr Hudson found himself being elected as Mayor although he had a one stage decided to step down from the Town Council. It was the decision of other long standing and senior councillor including the immediate past Mayor Sue Perry to stand down that led to him deciding to carry on.