SOME of the finest cars from the past 100 years were at Burford.

They were being exhibited at the fourth annual vintage car show at the Burford House Garden Store.

There were 178 cars in display including some very rare and specialist models.

Perhaps the most unusual was a 1934 Humber Snipe Golfers Coupe in flawless condition.

This is claimed to be the only example of its kind in the world.

It was introduced in October 1938, derived by combining the four-litre inline six-cylinder engine from the larger Humber Pullman with the chassis and body of the Humber Snipe, normally powered by a three-litre engine.

The result was a car of enhanced performance and a top speed of 79 mph which was going it for a car at that time.

Its design was contributed to by American engine genius Delmar “Barney” Roos who left a successful career at Studebaker to join Rootes in 1936.

This was not a car for the common herd and was marketed to upper-middle-class managers, professional people and government officials.

But it was relatively low-priced for its large size and performance.

Within a year of introduction, World War II broke out in Europe, but the car continued in production as a British military staff car. the Car, while the same chassis was used for an armoured reconnaissance vehicle.

There was a wide variety of less exotic but very memorable cars of British vintage on show including a selection of MG sports cars.

People were also able to admire different examples of the iconic mini down the years.

The car was launched in the 1950s with the first example rolling off the production line in 1959. It broke new ground with its sideways mounted engine and front wheel drive.

It continued in a number of different guises until 2000 when the last authentic mini was made.

The mini is regarded as the iconic British car, associated with in the minds of many, including admirers at Burford, with the swinging 60’s when it was both a car for the family and also the mode of transport in which the rich and famous wanted to be seen.

The car has continued albeit as a very different type of vehicle made by BMW.

It is estimated that more than 2,000 people visited the Vintage Car Show at Burford House Garden Store. They were also able to enjoy the gardens that are being lovingly restored.