A CASTLEMORTON resident has spoken out about the rally that passed through the village at the weekend.

Stella Bayliss, who lives at Eight Oaks on Castlemorton Common, said that the road outside her house was closed from 7am to 4pm.

She said: “We were led to believe earlier in the year this was a classic car rally. Six days prior to the race we received a booklet that advised that 120 competitors would be driving the route the day before.

“These were not a few classic cars, this was a massive event, for us this was like being told a child’s party was happening next door when in actual fact it was Glastonbury.

“On race day, we watched the first 120 cars pass by, some of them stalled at the start and one even forgot to shut their car door, the fumes from the vehicles was not nice, the noise was also extremely loud and could be heard three miles away in Longdon.

“Castlemorton’s tiny lane they used was only resurfaced a few months ago and it’s taken quite a hammering.

“I had to cancel my entire day’s work. There were payments made to the farmers who had to remove their stock off the common before the race commenced, so why isn’t there compensation for all others who were financially affected?”

Many local residents only found out about the event at the last minute, and were angry that the event was not better publicised.

The Worcester News contacted the rally organiser, the Cheltenham Motor Club, for comment, but had received no response by press time.