MADAM - On 05/09/19 at 12:41 I rang Elgar House doctors surgery to book an appointment to see a doctor.

After listening to an automated message about different services I was instructed to press option 1.

I then heard another automated message telling me that I was first in the queue.

I was surprised but happy as on times before I have been in position 4, so I thought I wouldn't be waiting too long.

After almost 7 mins of waiting a receptionist came on the line. I had to explain why I needed a doctor's appointment to her.

She offered me the next available appointment which to my amazement was a month away - 03/09/19 at 17:30.

After voicing my feelings the receptionist suggested I ring again in the morning as the system refreshes and there may be other appointments.

I explained to her that it had taken me several attempts to get through on this occasion so I would not be trying again as I could end up with no appointment.

I know the surgeries are busy, but it just seems so difficult to book an appointment to see a doctor now days.

Lyn Meadows