PHILIP Dunne MP for Ludlow wants south Shropshire vineyards to receive similar support as local breweries ahead of the next Budget.

Mr Dunne has backed calls to support a Small British Vineyards Relief scheme in the next Budget. British wine sales grew by 31per cent between 2015 and 2017, with approximately 6,200 acres across the UK under vines, and as many as 1.7 million vines planted last year.

This would put them on the same level of support as the many small breweries

Wine duty, however, has risen by 39 per cent since 2010, while duty on beer and spirits has been frozen.

“British wine is a real success story of the last few years, with British sparkling wine being particularly highly regarded. But we currently pay 68 per cent of all wine duties across Europe, and 43 per cent of all sparkling wine duties,” he said.

“I want to ensure that small vineyards in south Shropshire and across the UK can take full advantage of the growing interest in British wine and are not hampered by increasing tax rates. So, I have supported calls to Treasury Ministers to look to either extend existing Small Breweries Relief to vineyards, or to introduce a Small British Vineyards Relief scheme, to give these businesses a welcome boost.”

The growing of vines is on the increase in south Shropshire.