A BID to get part of south Shropshire designated as a National Park has failed.

But there could be Government money available for the area following the publication of a report.

There will be new national parks but not in Shropshire where Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, had suggested one could be created.

A government commissioned review is calling for a new national park in the Chilterns and says that the government should also consider creating national parks in the Cotswolds and Dorset.

“I would not be surprised if other areas of outstanding natural beauty unilaterally declare themselves to be national parks,” added Mr Boddington.

“They will be following the footsteps of the Broads and London in doing so. Maybe we should do the same in Shropshire.”

A review panel visited all 34 areas of outstanding natural beauty, including south Shropshire, and all 10 national parks.

“I attended one of the Shropshire meetings led by the chair of the review, Julian Glover, and found him very much in the listening mode,” Mr Boddington added.

“Names like Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are cumbersome. They should in future be called National Landscapes. I like that idea.”

“I am convinced we will see more self-declarations of national park status. Glover recommends designating the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as a national park.

Mr Boddington believes that the report could lead to much needed additional funding for south Shropshire.

“Budget cuts in the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty have been huge, as they have been across all national parks,” Mr Boddington added.

The Shropshire Hills Area of Natural Beauty has been a major feature of south Shropshire in the attraction of visitors.

It is particularly enjoyed by walkers.