A TRANSGENDER group has been created to support the trans community and prevent them from feeling isolated.

Out2gether, which is a LGBT+ charity in Worcester, has formed a new peer support group - Trans2gether.

Nicola Longworth-Cook, founder of the charity said: “It's a social and peer support group for adults who identify as part of the wide range of gender identities under the Trans umbrella. Support groups like this are important to help put people in contact with a network of friends and to stop them from feeling isolated.

“Trans people are often subjected to hate crimes; be it low-level daily micro-aggressions like mis-gendering, or threats of physical violence, these will erode your self-confidence and can lead to poor mental health.

“Having a group of friends who can offer a safe space to be yourself and relax is a simple but effective way to boost individual's resilience and wellbeing.


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“We have lots of new members and our social gatherings are growing. Next year we want to start Out2gether Purple - a social group for older LGBT+ people and an LGBT+ Youth Group in Worcester.”

An LGBT+ Book Club at The Hive, in Worcester, has also been introduced and an LGBT+ Youth Group in Malvern.

On October 12 and 13 cosmetics store LUSH will be hosting a Charity Pot Party for the group in its Worcester store.

There will be an information stall where people can chat to volunteers and also bath bomb making workshops from 12 to 2pm.

All proceeds raised from the sale over the weekend will be donated to Out2gether.

If anyone is interested or would like information about the groups then contact Out2gether.worcs@gmail.com.