LIBERAL Democrat councillors in Wychavon are putting forward a climate change motion to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Proposed by councillor Dan Boatright of Pershore, the motion seeks to appoint a climate change manager to focus on setting and meeting clear carbon reduction targets.

This is to ensure all new developments in the proposed South Worcestershire Development Plan create a sustainable and carbon neutral environment, and providing expertise in biodiversity and climate impact assessment.

The motion also seeks to reduce the council’s own carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2030, with the final 20 per cent being offset by the same date.

Cllr Boatright said: "This is not the time for words, it is the time for action.

"As a Geography and Geology teacher I spend hours of my week discussing the long-term impact humans have had on this planet.

"While the council is seeking to aim for a 50 per cent reduction on 2005 carbon emissions levels by 2030 this is simply not enough.

"We need to ensure that all homes, all businesses and our environment are future-proof, protecting the planet for future generations.

"Hiring a climate change manager to focus on reducing the human impact on our environment is a natural step to showing we are serious about tackling climate change."

The motion will be put forward at the meeting of Wychavon District Council on Wednesday, October 23.

Group leader Cllr Margaret Rowley said: "There needs to be a focus on tomorrow. Climate change requires a long-term approach and what we do today will affect the area for generations.

"The council needs to have a person whose primary focus is to build a carbon neutral Wychavon."