GREEN Party members are geared-up to contest the seat for Redditch MP, having selected who will represent them in any upcoming General Election.

In Redditch, local campaigner Claire Davies has been chosen as the Green Party candidate.

The greens have selected Kevin White to contest MP Sajid Javid’s Bromsgrove seat.

Claire Davies said: "I’m thrilled to be chosen to give Redditch people the chance to vote green.

"I’m passionate about our town, its residents and the issues we all face. I’m also energised by the Green Party and the future it offers us.

"We have solid progressive policies on all aspects of life, not just the environment. The Green Party offers a true alternative for a fair and just society, starting with proper funding for the public services that people need.”

Working mum Claire has lived in Redditch for 24 years, having grown-up in Studley.

A qualified social worker for several years, Claire now takes an active role supporting voluntary groups in Redditch.

Claire added: "The truth is, current politics isn’t working for the benefit of everyone. It’s a broken system that favours big business and the mega-rich, in spite of the rest of us.

"We need a level playing field, a politics that gives everyone’s voice equal weight, rather than the most vulnerable being blamed for the issues they face.”

As an award-winning local campaigner, Claire has been active on issues around the Alex Hospital, threats to the schools three tier system, and is a founder of the popular community group Eco ‘N’ Wise.

This year Claire shared her skills with young people from the Redditch branch of global campaign group “Youth Strike 4 Climate”, empowering them to make their voices heard on the climate crisis.

Claire’s key message is: “Westminster MPs are in chaos – hopelessly divided and putting the interests of their own parties ahead of the national interest. If elected I would be another Green voice at the heart of Westminster to back up the fantastic work already being done by Caroline Lucas MP.”

Following a wave of success for the Green Party in recent local council elections, former leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett has described the greens as the “new broom” sweeping through the dusty corridors of power.

This month Natalie Bennett became the second Green Party peer to join the House of Lords.

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