A MOTORCYCLIST whose machine burst into flames is telling other riders what to do if they find themselves in the same situation.

Karen Sumpter was parking her motorcycle outside her home in St James's Close, Badsey, near Evesham, when it burst into flames.

She called the fire brigade, which sent out one engine from the Evesham station, and crew members wearing breathing apparatus swiftly put out the fire, though not before the bike was destroyed.

She said: "I was impressed with how quickly the fire crew turned up after I called them. They were very quick to put out the fire as well."

She said she was unhurt because she got off the bike as soon as she saw the flames.

She said: "I would urge any other riders to do the same and get off as quickly as you can if you see it's on fire. I was lucky because I was pulling up anyway, but if you're on the road, just pull up as quickly as you can and jump off."