A LUDLOW business says that it has received many new orders and enquires after being asked to provide face masks for care workers in the town because they were not available from the Government.

DMS Plastics on the Ludlow Business Park are specialists in personal protective equipment.

They were contacted by Care of Excellence, a Ludlow business that provides domiciliary care for people who look after the vulnerable in their own homes.

Suzan Reeves, manager at Care for Excellence, said that her team was very pleased with the masks.

“These are great, they will help minimise risk and help keep both the care team and service users safe,” she said.

“I also personally feel our care team will now be more confident in having to deal with the uncertainty of the Covid- 19. I am also happy now I feel more equipped to minimised the risk to all.”

There have been major concerns at the failure to get personal protective equipment to people working on the front line in providing care.

The company in Ludlow is showing its adaptability by making full face shields for NHS staff and care workers to protect them from Coronavirus and the first 100 went within days of getting the request.

It is just one example of the flexibility being shown by industry in response to the need for equipment to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Government was caught with a shortage of equipment such as ventilators and critical care beds. Industries including vacuum cleaner manufacturers and formula one are now making ventilators and hotels and exhibition centres are helping to provide additional beds.