THE WEATHER may have turned a bit cooler and damper today.

But the recent dry spell has had a huge effect on river levels across the county.

It is hard to believe now that just a few months ago, our rivers were in full flood, hitting the highest levels ever recorded, as water levels have fallen dramatically.

Environment Agency teams have been out and about rescuing fish as some riverbeds dried out completely in parts.

In one call out on the Herefordshire border, officers rescued stranded trout and salmon from the Redlake and Teme at Leintwardine. The fish were all moved to deeper water further downstream.

Worcester News:

The Environment Agency said that with May being the driest since records began, it is no surprise that specialists had to move fish downstream.

Dave Carrington, fisheries officer with the Environment Agency said: "In recent years we’ve had to regularly rescue fish on these rivers as they’ve been left stranded when the river dries up after a dry spell. We will continue to monitor these rivers as sections of them are likely to continue to dry up and will carry out further fish rescues if needed."