A DISPOSABLE barbecue has been found following a fire last night.

Four fire crews from Malvern Fire Station were called to a fire in the open in the Malvern Hills at 7.13pm on Tuesday (June 2).

One disposable barbecue was found and it’s suspected as cause of the fire.

Police also attended the scene in West Malvern Road as some youths were seen in the area of the fire.

A watching brief was carried out overnight with further damping down.

A full inspection was carried out this morning using thermal imaging camera but no hot-spots were discovered.

Fire crews tackled the blaze and extinguished the fire 15 square metres in size.

Grass and undergrowth were on fire and were extinguished using back packs and beaters.

The “argocat” (an all-terrain vehicle) with a trailer was also deployed.

County and district councillor John Raine from the Green party said it was a “great tragedy” that the fire happened, and that people should be more mindful of the damage the barbecues could cause.

He said: “The Malvern Hills is very good at trying to communicate the message of not having fires or barbecues, but sadly, a lot of the people who are responsible are from outside the area, so don’t see the messages locally. It is hopelessly selfish of them to do it.

“The only real way we could make it work would be to put more signs up but I am hesitant to recommend that as it could spoil the scenery.

“We could also have a designated area for barbecues but even then, it is the natural surroundings people want to see so it would not necessarily work. It is a similar situation to the Gullet Quarry. There are signs and barriers there but people still go in - you couldn’t not know that is is unsafe.”