RESIDENTS are urging people who pass through their village to be more considerate after a litter pick revealed how much rubbish gets dumped in hedgerows and roads.

Jenny Woodman was on the litter pick in Strensham organised by MacDonald's in Strensham Services.

Mrs Woodman said: "It only took 1.5 hours and only a 400-yard radius of the services to pick up six bin liners' worth of rubbish. We could see much more rubbish in the lanes ahead of us at the point we stopped."

Mrs Woodman, who was accompanied by a fellow resident Susy Wingate and a whole team of litter picking volunteers stressed that the rubbish is not the fault of the shops or cafes in the services, some of whom came on the litter pick-up.

Mrs Woodman said: "It's mostly from people passing through the services and throwing their litter away in the lanes and hedgerows around Strensham, without a thought to how this affects the wildlife near the village, or how it feels to the residents of picturesque Strensham, seeing their grass verges and hedges used as a dumping ground."

"We'd like to ask the people who do this if they would like it if their gardens were used as a rubbish tip?"