A WORCESTER councillor has dramatically quit the Labour Party - in a move which could see the Conservatives take over the city council.

Your Worcester News can reveal how Cllr Alan Amos resigned last night, saying he wants to carry on as an "independent" councillor.

The shock move, which follows a bitter falling out with the city's Labour leadership, comes just 24 hours before leader Councillor Adrian Gregson faces a vote of 'no confidence' tomorrow night and could be ousted.

If Cllr Amos decides to vote with the opposition Tory group tomorrow, it will mean Worcester City Council becoming Conservative controlled just one year after it lost office to a shock Labour coup.

The dramatic development comes amid talks between both the Tories and Labour with the city's lone Green politician, Cllr Neil Laurenson, over which party runs the council - negotiations which today are still rumbling on.

If Cllr Amos does back the Tories, it means Cllr Laurenson's hard bargaining with both main parties over the last 10 days may well end up a waste of time.

Worcester's Conservatives have already responded to the news by saying Labour should "step aside" and let them run the city.

Cllr Amos, who represents Warndon, delivered his resignation letter to Labour's city HQ just before 9pm last night, but did not give his reasons why he decided to quit.

* In tomorrow's Worcester News - we reveal the FULL story behind his resignation.