VIOLENCE against police officers is on the up, as figures show two police officers are attacked every day locally.

Latest figures show there were 182 separate assaults affecting officers and staff from West Mercia between July and September 2017, up 10 per cent on the 166 incidents recorded during the previous three months.

There were 232 police officers that were victims on duty - of violent and non-violent abuse.

Many of the assaults happened on Saturday and Sunday mornings between midnight and 6am.

And a staggering 1,427 officers were victims of violence on duty between April 2015 and September 2017.

The figures were released as part of Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion’s Behind the Badge campaign.

The campaign focuses on reducing incidents by challenging behaviours and encouraging people to respect officers.

Around 77 per cent of the assaults from July to September were on police officers, with the rest on student officers, police staff, PCSOs and Special Constables.

Among those attacked while on duty was PC Jon Townsend, who dislocated his knee when a sports car driver attempted to run him over, in 2013.

The driver was later jailed for the assault and for his part in an armed robbery.

PC Townsend said: “This incident knocked my confidence massively.

"I had to have quite a lot of counselling and therapy. “Even though it was a very steep learning curve, it’s made me the person I am now.

"I am proud to still be a police officer, and still be able to work to serve our communities.

“Just remember that I have got a family that I would like to go back to, and a family that I am trying to look after even though I’m working, in terms of having wages and being able to buy things for my little children.”

West Mercia Police, Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans said: “Police officers do an extremely difficult job in often challenging circumstances.

"Our officers and staff have a right to come to work and do the job the public ask of them.

“Committing an assault against a police officer is totally unacceptable and we will protect our workforce from injury by arresting anyone suspected of this, ensuring any incident will be fully investigated and appropriate action taken.”

A particular focus of Mr Campion’s campaign will be around the night time economy and police also want community groups and local leaders to get involved.

Mr Campion said: “Violence against police, or any emergency services workers is never acceptable. It’s important the people can recognise the long lasting impact that assaults have, and that negative behaviour displayed by a minority is challenged.”