Spend long enough time on Twitter, and eventually you’ll get into a row with Katie Hopkins.

The professional controversialist, who has been let go by the Sun, The Daily Mail and LBC in the last couple of years for being too mean-spirited (and a couple of high profile libel cases) has had a go at Worcester councillor Richard Udall.

Though, it has to be said, Councillor Udall sort of started it.

The Labour councillor for St John on Worcester City Council was responding to not-so-veiled criticisms of party leader Jeremy Corbyn, which suggested he protested against apartheid in South Africa but not against the killing of white farmers in that country.

Mr Udall said he mentioned it in speeches last year, his interlocutor said she hadn’t noticed and thought the only person in Britain to complain about the killings was Ms Hopkins.

Mr Udall replied: “You can ignore her, she is one of the most hated people in Britain.”

Cue Ms Hopkins herself: “It is true. I am despised by the flaccid men of labour (sic), wrestling with their shrivelled members”

At which point Cllr Udall tweeted: “I have just been personally attacked by Katie Hopkins on Twitter. I feel proud to have been finally singled out by this lovely person in such a charming and dignified way.”

If you really want, the entire exchange is available on Twitter starting at @allray – Cllr Udall’s account.

Welcome to 2018 everyone.