A DRIVER who went the wrong way down a dual carriageway while following his Sat Nav has had his appeal against a dangerous driving conviction thrown out.

Mohammed Chowdury drove in the face of oncoming traffic in Roman Way, Droitwich despite clear road signs telling him to 'keep left' after his TomTom showed he needed to make a right turn.

The 40-year-old of Mill Burn Way, Birmingham, acknowledged that his driving was careless during the incident at around 1am on September 18, 2016 but denied his driving was dangerous at Worcester Crown Court on Thursday.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright, sitting with two magistrates who imposed the original sentence, upheld both sentence and conviction.

The court heard that Chowdury had not been in trouble over the last 10 years and did not have any other driving convictions and was a man of previous good character.

A DVD of the incident was also played to the court, supported by the evidence of two police officers. As the road changed from single to dual carriageway, Chowdury moved onto the wrong side of the road.

Judge Cartwright said Chowdury had left work in Worcester and was relying on his TomTom which indicated he needed to make a right turn around 500 yards ahead which the judge said was 'certainly not an imminent right turn'.

He said: "It is clear from when the brake lights illuminate that Mr Chowdury realised he was on the opposing carriageway driving in the face of oncoming vehicles."

Chowdury indicated left and slowed down while another motorist coming the other way also braked, sounded their horn and flashed their lights.

Judge Cartwright said was 'fortuitous' that the other driver had behaved in that way.

He said: "We are sure that his driving fell far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver. For those reasons we find Mr Chowdury guilty of dangerous driving."

The original penalty was a 12 month community order with 50 hours of unpaid work which he completed. He was also ordered to pay £400 costs and a victim surcharge of £85. Chowdury was banned from driving for 12 months and ordered to complete an extended driving retest. The original sentence was deemed appropriate. The prosecution requested £415 court costs for appeal but this was reduced to £200.