A COUNCILLOR is pushing for a parking permit scheme to be introduced in a section of the city notorious for congestion.

County councillor Matthew Jenkins wants a residents' parking scheme to be set up in Worcester's Arboretum.

Cllr Jenkins hopes that an annual £30 parking permit will deter outsiders from leaving their cars in the streets and denying locals a place to park.

He said: "Residents have been trying to get residents' parking for 20 or 30 years.

"Some people are using the Arboretum as a free all day car park because of how close it is to town.

"People don't want to spend on a car park. People park there and go to work for the whole day.

"Residents will pop out in the morning and come back and find they can't get back in anywhere near where they live.

"They will have go up to Lansdowne Crescent or Rainbow Hill, it's about a 10 minute walk coming back. It's inconvenient."

Mr Jenkins, who represents the St Stephen division, said the permits could potentially be introduced next year, although he emphasised that this was a rough estimate.

The plans have to go through a number of consultation phases before they come into force.

The councillor said residents in the area affected will have to vote on the proposal, with a 50 per cent return rate required.

He added that 80 per cent of respondents will have to vote for the scheme before it can be adopted.

"It will improve the parking in Arboretum, it won't solve the problem but it will improve the situation. There's too many cars to fit in Arboretum." Cllr Jenkins said.

City councillor Joy Squires, who also represents the area, said: "It's notorious as one of the worst areas in the city for residents being able to park.

"There's no doubt that commuters and shoppers make life very difficult for residents so any moves that can see a residents' parking scheme introduced will have my full support.

"Residents have long campaigned for a parking scheme in the area."