A HOSPITAL porter is organising a "Stars in their Eyes" event to raise money for the county's breast unit.

Mike Hemming, of Barbourne, was inspired to raise funds for Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven, after it successfully treated his mother-in-law for breast cancer two years ago.

Mr Hemming, aged 56, who works at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, said: "My mother-in-law was treated successfully, but I have lost a lot of friends to various types of cancer so the cause is very close to me and I have always done fundraising for cancer charities."

Mr Hemming has raised £14,000 for cancer charities in the last 10 years.

He said: "You hear so much about it, and I just think it's so important to do what we can to help charities that are trying to stop cancer."

"I see all the patients at the hospital who are dying of cancer. I see it all the time which is also why I think it's important to raise money."

Based on ITVs 'Stars in their Eyes' which aired until 2006, the show, on Friday, March 23, at Fernhill Heath War Memorial Hall, at 7.30pm.

It will see seven contestants dressing up as famous singers, doing their best to sing and perform just like the stars. The stars they are impersonating will be kept secret and revealed on the night.

Mr Hemming said: "I have a friend who is another porter who is taking part - he is very nervous."

He is asking for people to help by donating on his website ultimatechoices.net or by dropping into the main foyer of the hospital today (March 7) where he will be selling tickets to the show and raffle tickets for a raffle organised for the same charity.

He also needs help with the set and is urging anyone who may be able to assist with a red carpet and pillars, by getting in touch via his website.

"I did one of these shows in Birmingham and it was really successful so I'm bringing it to Worcester," he said. "It'll be something a bit different from the usual charity gigs."

The Worcestershire Breast Unit was founded in 2016 after receiving £1.8million in funds from a campaign headed by breast surgeon Stephen Thrush.

It is situated on site at the Royal.