THE Evesham lorry driver who caused the death of eight people in a crash on the M1 had not told revealed his professional drivers license was revoked, according to his employer.

Ryszard Masierak, 32, of Barnards Close, Evesham was last week unanimously found guilty of eight counts of death by dangerous driving in August 2017 on the M1 near Newport Pagnell.

Masierak had been working for AIM Logistics at the time, when he stopped his lorry in the inside lane of the M1 for 12 minutes.

Ismail Elmagdoub, director of AIM Logistics, said: "AIM logistics had no knowledge of the revocation of Mr Masierek’s driving licence being revoked and had completed the necessary driver license check with DVLA as required at the time of Mr. Masierek commencing employment and this has been confirmed by Thames Valley Police.

"The details of the revocation were not recorded on the DVLA system at the time of Masierek applying for employment with AIM Logistics and were unaware on 3 fronts.

"No DVLA records were present at the time AIM Logistics checked Mr Masiereks license to say it had been revoked.

"AIM Logistics were not informed by Mr. Masierak that he had his licence revoked or was under any investigations by the Traffic Commissioners Office.

"AIM logistics had fully complied with the legal requirements in checking for new driver’s licences at the commencement of Mr Masierak’s employment.

"Compliance with road safety is our primary concern and had AIM Logistics been made aware of the license revocation via DVLA or Mr. Masierek himself then it is without question that Mr. Masierek would not have been driving a vehicle and would have been suspended immediately from employment in accordance with our contractual terms had we been made aware."

During his trial, the jury was told Masierak was at twice the drink-drive limit and had stopped in the inside lane at the time of the crash on the M1.

AIM Logistics supervisor Mariusz Mazurek told Reading Crown Court the lorry driver seemed fine and did not smell of alcohol when he signed in for his shift. 

He said: "We regularly carry out random breath checks with drivers at the start of their shifts however I was given no reason to suspect Mr Masierek had been drinking otherwise he would’ve been tested."

Just after 3am a minibus being driven by Cyriac Joseph carrying 11 Indian tourists from Nottingham to London on their way to Disneyland Paris pulled up behind Masierak's vehicle with its hazard lights on, waiting to go around it before another lorry driven by David Wagstaff ploughed into it.

Mr Joseph and seven of his passengers lost their lives.

The pair are due to be sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on March 23.

Mr Elmagdoub said: "Our thoughts and deepest sympathy very much remain with the families and friends who have lost loves ones in this tragic incident."