THE trial of three men including two brothers accused of attempted murder is underway following an alleged machete attack in Worcester.

Kaasim Multani, Usman Multani and Shahenul Alam deny attempted murder, grievous bodily harm with intent and violent disorder following an alleged attack in Wyld's Lane, Worcester.

A jury was sworn yesterday at Worcester Crown Court as they prepare to hear evidence in the case following an attack on Owais Saleem who suffered facial injuries on November 24, 2019 who was then aged 22.

However, Phil Bradley QC, prosecuting, did not open the case after one of the defence advocates was taken ill. The case was expected to resume at 10.30am today.

The defendants are 27-year-old Usman Multani of Westminster Road, Worcester; his brother Kaasim Multani, aged 23, also of Westminster Road; and Shahenul Alam, aged 31, of Ivor Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham.

The jury was told that the trial was expected to last three weeks but could extend beyond that.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright, presiding over the case, addressed the jury, telling them: "Welcome to your courtroom - I can't stress that enough."

He added: "Though I introduced myself as the judge when we met first, there are now 13 of us - you 12 and me."

Judge informed them that though he was a judge of the law, they would be the judge of the facts in the case.

He advised them that the air conditioning system in court one was broken and 'has been for a long time, months I suspect' and that, as a result, they could dress accordingly.

"It's only as the temperatures have gone up that we have really started to feel the effects of it" he said.

The judge directed that the jury should not discuss the case with anyone, including close family, and warned them not to conduct any of their own research into the case.

"You might be influenced by something that wasn't part of the evidence" he said.

The trial continues.