POLICE officers serving Worcestershire helped to protect the planet’s biggest movers and shakers in a deployment to the G7 summit in Cornwall last week.

The G7 is a gathering of government leaders from some of the world’s richest nations which has taken place each year since the 1970s.

The 2021 summit was the 47th meeting to take place and the first to be held in the UK since 2013.

The prime ministers and presidents from the G7 countries meet to discuss problems facing the world – including economic issues, health emergencies and the climate crisis.

Previous G7 summits have focused on matters ranging from debt relief for developing countries, health emergencies such as HIV and AIDS and global security threats.

West Mercia Police’s local policing priority teams and Worcestershire’s Operations Patrol Unit were part of the secondment.

“As the sun goes down on the G7 Summit we can be proud of our involvement,” said a police tweet.

“We have been searching vehicles for explosives an firearms (with) support given by detection dogs from across the UK.

“Great teamwork and a great deployment.”