A TEENAGER from Worcester said he "couldn't believe it" when he realised he had tickets to the Coronation concert to see acts such as Katy Perry perform.

Harrison Ricketts was given the rare opportunity to volunteer in the capital as people were lining the streets of London for the Coronation of King Charles III.

The 18-year-old student was placed in Westminster to carry out his volunteering duties and was able to watch the historical moment in real time as opposed to through a television screen.

Mr Ricketts, from Lower Wick, said: "I have never been to an event like that before, it was amazing to see a King's Coronation in the 21st century."

The teen was given the opportunity to volunteer thanks to the work he does with the National Citizen Service Trust (NCS Trust). 

But things got better for Mr Ricketts when he found out he had been given free tickets to the Coronation concert due to the work he has been doing for the NCS for the past year.

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Worcester News: Princess Charlotte and Prince George enjoyed singing and dancing to songs at the Coronation ConcertPrincess Charlotte and Prince George enjoyed singing and dancing to songs at the Coronation Concert (Image: PA)

Mr Ricketts said being invited to the concert was a rewarding gift.

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He said: "The King was sat in the Royal box but I didn't get to meet him, I would have liked to though.

"I don't know what I would do if I met him but I would like to express my gratitude towards him.

"I want to continue to show my commitment and gratitude towards this country.

"The experience was priceless. 

"Lionel Richie was my favourite, the songs he performed are some of my favourites."

Mr Ricketts met people from all over the world who had travelled especially for the celebrations.

He said: "Events like this do unify the country and the Commonwealth.

"While I understand that some people are upset with the cost of it all, I think it has also benefitted the economy.

"Nowadays, young people are losing that traditional patriotism for the Monarchy.

"But I still think young people respect the monarchy, but they just don't have much of an interest.

"But the Royal family do bring in a lot of tourism and money to the country."