THE performance against Altrincham in the FA Trophy might not have been good enough but it’s important to keep things in perspective.

We have played 20 games this season and we have had one performance that overall wasn’t good enough.

There was a mad six-minute spell that saw us go 3-0 down and their first goal shouldn’t have stood because a player was offside and interfering with play.

Although it’s disappointing to have a performance like that, things like that do happen in football.

When I took the job on towards the end of our last season in Conference South, those sort of performances were commonplace and we would get the odd decent result when it wasn’t expected.

In my first season in Blue Square Bet North we should have finished mid-table but we paid for having a very small squad that plummeted down the table in the last month of the season.

However, the number of bad performances reduced.

Looking at last season, the defeats at Droylsden, Altrincham and Guiseley spring to mind as bad performances but I can’t think of many others.

Even last Saturday’s defeat wasn’t a no-show, it was just a major lapse in concentration.

Overall, the trend in our displays is improving and, as a result, our goal difference and league position improves and we are fourth at the moment.

We all want to be perfect and it’s incredibly easy to point fingers at individuals, as has happened to Ellis Deeney and Glyn Thompson this week, but I would never do that and neither would the players.

We are all in it together and we all make mistakes, myself included.

Everyone at the club, on and off the pitch, is intending to do their best but human nature dictates that mistakes happen and things go wrong.

Last season, Hyde were champions and Nuneaton won promotion through the play-offs.

Both had blips but they had less than everybody else and won games when it most mattered. We are aspiring to do that.

The good thing now is we are recording the matches and can show players what we are telling them during games and on the training pitch.

All of those things help to improve the trend and we are going in the right direction.

There won’t be any big inquests or finger-pointing after defeats because that’s not the way to go. We are in it as a team and we’ll make mistakes as a team.

It’s about improving and reducing the bad days at the office. You won’t stop them completely because I don’t think that happens very often with any side.

But the more you can prevent it the more success you will have.