I HAVE never been a fan of the transfer window.

It gives even more power to players and agents to inflate prices due to the time restraints.

We see it every January when clubs who need to strengthen end up paying well over the odds.

It happens to a lesser degree over the summer because clubs have much more time in which to conduct their business.

But what I don’t understand is this. Why does the window remain open until a few weeks of the season have elapsed?

Surely it should shut before a ball is kicked in anger?

With some leagues starting at different times — the Championship began two weeks before the Premier League — it could be tweaked to stop clubs doing deals once their competition is under way.

Although it is a FIFA edict, individual nations can determine for how long a window is in effect, as long as it is no longer than 12 weeks between seasons.

It seems ludicrous that teams can start a season and then, two weeks later, make a number of changes when they discover the current lot aren’t good enough.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck with the transfer window, so it should be a case of assemble your squad before the season starts and make do with it.