HAS anybody else been taken aback at the staggering double standards of Southampton in the Mark Clattenburg affair?

Without a hint of irony, the Premier League club have accused the referee of using abusive language towards striker Adam Lallana.

They have even had the audacity to demand that Clattenburg not officiate any of their games until the matter is resolved.

Three words spring to mind — pot, kettle and black. Each week we see referees taking verbals from just about every player in the land.

Perhaps not directly but certainly behind their backs and in view of the television cameras.

Now the boot is, allegedly, on the other foot, Southampton don’t like it. Well, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who is not always the voice of reason, summed it up nicely.

“Referees have not always been nice to me but most of the time that was because I was not nice first,” Wenger said.

“Out of 100 times, the offenders are 99 times the players and one time the referee. Let’s be a bit more understanding.”


The Saints are not holier than thou so it’s about time they shut up.