EVERYTHING Worcester Wolves have achieved so far this season has been down to a squad effort.

While captain Alex Owumi, Will Creekmore and Zaire Taylor have been grabbing the headlines, there have been plenty of others who have played their part.

In particular, the bench players such as Disraeli Lufadeju, Caylin Raftopoulos and Calvin Morant-Hudson are improving all the time.

I think it's taken them a long while to appreciate what they need to do to get minutes and to play within this system.

They've come from situations where they've either been the main player or played a lot of minutes but they're not at the highest level yet.

It's a matter of where they're going to get their minutes from and it's about keeping it simple.

Now they're starting to settle in and do that, I can trust them a bit more not to go off the rails and do their own thing and play within the team system.

The more they show me that they can handle it, the more court-time they'll get and I think they've done really well over the last few games. I'm pleased for them and hopefully the penny has dropped for them.

They can also look at the other players and learn from them both offensively and defensively. I think that's where the likes of Disraeli and Caylin fell down a little bit because they were coming in thinking they had to score all the time when actually I want them to think about defence.

Being strong defensively is key for us. Now they're starting to get the hang of that, being more aggressive and anticipating plays a bit more, I have been happy to keep them in.

Disraeli played nearly 20 minutes of last Friday's 84-76 victory over Leicester Riders, while Caylin played for seven.

But it's definitely been a squad effort because people only see us on game-day, they don't see the hard work we put in through the week in preparation with two or three sessions a day.

All the hard work we do offensively and defensively is not seen by the fans. Without those squad players pushing people like Alex, Zaire and Will, we wouldn't have a good team.

We train the way we play and that's the way it should always be. If you've got a weak bench and you don't have anyone to give that competition then sometimes you struggle when you get into a game situation.