IT has been an amazing season for Worcester Wolves and Sunday's British Basketball League play-off final against Newcastle Eagles is a chance to finish it on a high.

When you put a team together at the start of the season you are always hoping it will be competitive and that you're going to win something.

I think this year, more than most, I put my head above the parapet in signing Alex Owumi, Will Creekmore and Zaire Taylor to be the backbone of that team. I knew they were solid players and that, if we could put others around them, we were going to have a very good chance.

I am really delighted with what we have done in winning the BBL Trophy and we only effectively lost the league by one game - had we beaten Newcastle in one of the two games we lost, would have won the league.

We are probably the two best teams in the country going head-to-head for the last team standing at Wembley Arena which I think is fitting.

I've got tremendous respect for coach Fab Flournoy, we're friends, and the Newcastle organisation. I've got plenty of admiration for what they've been doing over the years so you could call us the new kids in the block and we want to knock them off their pedestal.

Hopefully, we'll put in another good performance and give ourselves a chance to win that game.

We are ticking the days off now, it's going to be a fantastic occasion again. We've both beaten each other a couple of times so it should be a cracking game.

The fans have played a massive part in our success and I'm sure they will be outstanding again at Wembley. I just can't say enough about how their support helps us through, especially in difficult times.

Hopefully, it's something we can build on and start to push towards 1,800 people watching us every game next season.

With the new facility, people wanted to know what it was all about and with the team being successful, people have kept coming.

The entertainment has been excellent, the cheerleaders have done a great job and the commentators have improved as the season's gone on in getting the crowd into it. It's a real family entertainment, everybody can get involved.

It's tremendous to not only have those big crowds but to retain them and build on them over the season.

That's something that we need to do as a club if we're going to continue to compete with the big boys in the league and recruit decent players.

All round it's really positive for the club and the city of Worcester.