I HAVE always found it strange when people declare that it is too soon for a club to be promoted.

It is a phrase often bandied around by football supporters, usually as an excuse for their team’s expected failure at the higher level.

They would rather, it seems, be a big fish in a small pond.

While I understand the concept – winning every week is preferable to getting regularly tonked – the idea of competitive professional sport is to better yourself.

Which means players should aspire to play at the highest level possible. They should then learn from the experiences of their new surroundings to improve.

As far as football goes, if a team promoted a division is relegated at the first attempt, they should ensure they are stronger for the experience with the view to one day returning and staying.

To suggest they shouldn’t have been promoted in the first place is to ask why are they bothering?

Some teams are happy to merely exist but at some point there needs to be an end game and that is surely being better for the experience.

Being promoted too soon is an argument I have seen applied to Worcestershire in recent days now that they are knocking on the door of LV= County Championship Division One.

I have heard it said the team would be better off staying in the second tier this year in order to further improve before attempting to mix it at a higher level further down the line.

But this is nonsense. If a promotion presents itself, then the opportunity has to be grabbed. You never know when it might come round again.

If Worcestershire are to continue their fine season and make the step up, the key will be making sure it is to their benefit in the long run.

Steve Rhodes’ side were relegated from the top-flight two years ago, but was it a step too soon? No, because they knew they had to improve and the players have evidently learned from it, as proven by some of their performances this season.

Perversely, those performances have seen the County shorn of their best player in Moeen Ali (pictured) but that’s a different argument.

If Worcestershire end up returning to Division One for 2015, they should be ready for it.