WORCESTER City have had a fantastic run at home in the last four games and the fans have played their part.

Since the start of January we have beaten Kettering Town, Burton Albion and Hinckley United and drawn with Workington.

If you had looked at our home fixtures for the month when they were put up outside our ground and said we would go through them without losing I don't think many people would have believed it.

It's been a great effort and I think we have seen crowds increase as well over that time which is vitally important and hopefully we can keep that going.

City are very fortunate to have the amount of people who come through the gate.

The fans make a difference and they certainly made the difference against Burton and Hinckley. That was a great crowd on Saturday and we were really pleased with that.

The fans are coming out in their numbers and supporting the team so they deserve a big pat on the back for that.

If we could have that number every week it would give us a great chance. I think we have budgeted for 950 and we are a bit below that, so if we can get a few 1,100s or 1,200s it would be good.

It was down to poor results early in the season when we weren't playing well at home. Now we have got to keep that winning momentum going away from home to keep the fans with us.

I think we looked a good side against Hinckley at the weekend. We should have gone in front early on with George Clegg's chance because it was a great opportunity.

The longer they were in front, the harder it was going to be for us, but after we got the equaliser I told the lads they had done the hard part and just needed to be a bit more positive to win the game.

They went out and did it and I don't think goalkeeper Dany McDonnell had a lot to do and looked pretty comfortable all afternoon.

We are also having a great run in the FA Trophy. The top boys in the Conference are out so it's a chance for the likes of ourselves and Kettering to maybe get to the final or at least the semi-final.

But it does leave us behind in games at the moment and we would much rather have the points on the board.

Just as we seem to be getting into the play-offs, a gap opens up and we have to work hard to get back in there so February will be a big month for us.

We have lost Chris Smith for two games through suspension but it's just part of the game for a defender.

Justin Thompson has only got two bookings and Chris Smith has got 10. I would be very surprised if a defender got through the season without a suspension. It's just one of those things.

Chris Smith is a top quality player and you miss your key players - but we have got players who can come in and do a job while he's out.