WE have had another good week, especially after the lads came from behind to win against Munster ‘A’ in the British and Irish Cup.

We have had another three good days’ training and intensity has been very high. The boys look sharp and are hoping for a good result at Moseley on Saturday. It will be another tough test but I know the players are looking forward to the challenge.

I watched last weekend’s game from the stands and the only time Munster threatened us was when we made mistakes. It was great to win in such a dramatic manner.

An easy decision might have seen the lads go for the posts with the last-minute penalty and tried to tie the game. But none of us play the game to draw so the lads took a brave decision to go for a catch-and-drive try — and it came off. I didn’t understand why Munster chose not to defend our drive.

Huw Taylor, who played at number eight for us, did well. He’s been rewarded with a spot in England under 20s squad which is great for the club. It’s the chance we want to create — young guys coming through and playing for England.

Huw still has a long way to grow but he’s definitely got potential.

He’s formed an excellent combination with Jean-Baptiste Bruzulier (JB) at the back of the scrum.

Tiff Eden and JB have been superb and Tiff came back brilliantly on Saturday after struggling early on with his goal-kicking.

The collisions were big throughout and Ravai Fatiaki made some big tackles and turned over the ball and we also scored one of our best tries of the season.

The backbone of any squad is a strong ‘A’ team and the Cavaliers have been undefeated and, hopefully, their British and Irish Cup campaign can continue to go from strength to strength.

The senior boys and senior coaches have been rested for the cup but we are now getting back into the rugby side of things because we start back in the Championship in two weeks’ time.

We have played with intensity in the Championship and we can’t take a step backwards from the last league outing against Rotherham.

We have got a short week next week and next Wednesday we have got a team activity .We will be refreshed for the home match against Bedford on November 7.

From January onwards, we need to be firing on all cylinders and the guys should be settled into the structure and know what it takes.

The big news from the dressing room is that Tom Biggs is shaving his hair today for the first time in four years. It’s not for charity — he just fancies a change.