THE last 12 months have been spectacular for Worcester Wolves - and 2015 can be just as successful.

When I look back on 2014 it brings a smile to my face with the achievement and growth of the club.

It has been an amazing time and winning two competitions in the BBL Trophy and play-offs were very special moments.

I think now we’re in a situation where the people of Worcester as well as myself expect to be competing at the top of the British Basketball League rather than just trying to make the play-offs as in the past.

It has been the most successful year for the Wolves without question.

Although I have had spells with other clubs where I’ve won three things in a season and played in European competitions.

But I do look back on this past year with the Wolves very fondly. We had a fantastic team with guys who just refused to lose and were physically and mentally tough.

Players like Zaire Taylor, Will Creekmore and Alex Owumi — they were a pleasure to work with.

We want to create and atmosphere at Worcester whereby when people play us they know they’re going to be in for a game and I think we’ve gone a long way to do - ing that now.

Looking into 2015, I think the same level of success is achievable and I think we’ve got the make up of a team that could do that.

If Worcester Wolves can find that one other quality player who’s going to come in and have an impact on the team I think we’ve got a great opportunity of doing the same again.

We head into the new year second in the table and I’m delighted with that.

Although we have lost four games, I feel we’ve only been outplayed in a couple of games this year and the other two we performed badly.

I’m a bit bitter about those two because I felt they were very winnable games.

But I’m delighted with where we are, we’re still challenging and putting a bit of pressure on Newcastle Eagles so they can’t afford to slip up.

We’ve got to go into 2015 playing the same way we have been and trying to im - prove every day.

We have also completed our first calendar year playing at the University Arena and the support has been outstanding.

I can’t say enough about the atmosphere that can be created with a full arena when the Worcester crowd get behind the team.

It’s intimidating for the opposition, it really spurs us on and we had no right to win some of the games but because the crowd got behind us we didn’t want to let them down.

It certainly gives the Worcester Wolves players a boost.