IT’S nice to be back on the training ground after some time away from the club having got married in South Africa.

The wedding was something my wife and I had planned some time ago and I spoke to Dean Ryan about it before I signed my contract to join Worcester.

It was a nice day and Sam Smith was able to come over for the ceremony. It was Sam’s first time in South Africa and he went to Bulawayo first with Mike Williams.

Mike was supposed to be at the wedding, too, but he got called back into duty at the club due to Matt Cox’s injury. I think Sam enjoyed his day — he flew back the day after the wedding and it was nice of him to be there. I had a phone call from all the lads to wish me luck on the big day.

I was back in full training on Monday morning and my body has been pretty sore this week. Hopefully, I won’t be too rusty after my break but the rest of the boys are looking very sharp.

We had a team social on Monday — the lads did a bit of karting and laser and it took everyone’s mind off the rugby.

Sadly, I couldn’t push my claim to be the team’s top gun because I wasn’t able to go — I did an extra fitness season. I think that will teach me to get married during the rugby season!

It has been a very busy period at the club with Jonathan Thomas and five of the younger guys agreeing new contracts.

It’s nice to know that Jonathan is committed to the future of the club but, perhaps, more exciting is the fact the five young guys who have signed are really talented. I will be keeping an eye on them.

It’s a pity that Christian Scotland-Williamson got injured early in the season because he’s one to look forward to. He is a big lad and you can’t really miss him on the pitch. He’s got a bright future ahead of him. Mikey Daniels is another who has been doing really well.

It’s difficult when you are a young fly-half like Tiff Eden but he’s come in done well. Tiff’s still got a lot to grow but he’s showed all aspects of growing and that’s why the club has invested in his future.

We are also delighted about Val Rapava Ruskin and Ben Sowrey signing because there’s s always a lot of speculation and rumours at this time of year. When you hear about people putting pen to paper it’s nice to know.

This Saturday we host Doncaster Knights who are a physical side and coached by Clive Griffiths. They have developed their game since we last played them.

It’s important that we enforce our game on them and make sure we take another step forward.