PLAYING as a team rather than individuals is something that will be key to any Worcester Wolves success this season.

Last year, in Zaire Taylor and Will Creekmore, we had a couple of really exceptional players who could really take a game by the scruff of the neck.

This year, I don't think we've got any one individual who's going to win a game for us on their own. While we've got good individuals who can have good nights, generally as a whole we have to do it as a team. If we do that we'll go a long way.

An example of that it Robert Thurman, Chavis Holmes, Paul Guede, Alex Owumi and Jamal Williams all having been selected in the British Basketball League team of the week at some point this season. That just shows what a team ethic we have.

I'm delighted with what we've done so far and where we are in the league. Without having played our best basketball this season we've found ways to win and that's also the sign of a good team.

We've got some things we need to work on still, as does every team in the league, but while the wins are coming we can keep on working on those things.

One of those areas is our defence, which came to the fore in last Sunday's 66-58 victory at Durham Wildcats.

It was a very business-like performance and low-scoring because we're trying to focus on our defence and stop teams from scoring easily.

I think we did that very well and in doing that it slowed our offence down a bit, but I was really delighted with our defensive effort and what was a very good win in the end.

If you are focusing on defence it means you are maybe not gambling as much as you might do. It worked well for us and they only scored 58 points. Any time you can keep a team down to that level you are doing something right.

Offensively, we tried to share the ball around and get more shots for people so that tends to lower the score a bit because you are being more patient.

It is defence that is going to win you championships and even last year when we won the play-offs it was our defence that won us those games.

It is a focus of ours right now while sharing the ball more at the other end and make sure everyone is getting lots of touches and scoring opportunities because we're going to need that.

Against Durham it was a big step forward in what we're trying to do collectively and hopefully we can continue that.

We are working hard for each other to stay at the top and we haven't given up yet.