EVERYONE at Worcester Wolves is determined to consign Sunday’s 89-60 defeat at Glasgow Rocks in the British Basketball League to history.

It was one of those days that is every coach’s nightmare — when you travel to a game and none of your players perform.

There were a couple of people out there trying hard but Alex Owumi and Paul Guede were the only two to score double figures.

Nothing came off, whereas everything Glasgow tried worked.

Nobody wants to lose by that many, we’re a professional team so we don’t want to go out there, perform that badly and have teams do that to us.

A heavy defeat hadn’t happened before this season. We know we’re better than that so we’ve got to start working smartly.

You’ve just got to put it down to experience, it wasn’t nice but we have to lick our wounds and move on quickly from it against Sheffield Sharks at the University of Worcester Arena tomorrow night.

I don’t think it needs over-analysing or anything, we’ve been pretty good all season and sometimes you have a game like that.

I have been in that situation as a player and a coach before.

It can happen to the best of us and you just have to move on.

They don’t happy often, which is a good thing, and it’s something we don’t want to happen again for a long time to come.

Training, however, has been really good at the arena this week and we’ve been doing a few things differently to get more movement out of the team.

It’s been positive and not too much has had to be said because I think everybody is extremely embarrassed about the performance in Glasgow and it’s been business-like.

Hopefully, that will come across in the game against Sheffield.

From time to time, especially if we are putting in new offensive sets and defensive structures, I like to record sessions.

Players can then see the movement on the court and if they’re not going where they’re supposed to.

That way I can show them on the screen so I have done that this week because we are looking at some new sets.

Hopefully, that is going to help us for the run-in until the end of the season.

For me, using the cameras is great because sometimes players don’t want to listen or think they’re doing something when they’re actually not.

Once you show them on camera, then they can’t deny it.

Sometimes it becomes obvious and little bit embarrassing but hopefully the message is then put across and they start doing what they need to do.