WITHIN the next few weeks Worcester City will have to nominate where they intend to play next season.

Along with Kidderminster Harriers, where they have shared for the past two seasons, Evesham United and Bromsgrove Sporting are also in the mix.

There are pros and cons for each site and while staying at Aggborough would seem favourite, it is not a decision the club are making lightly.

Plenty of due diligence has been done behind the scenes on all three and talks have been held with officials from each.

Of the trio, Harriers stand out. It is the most prestigious facility, which is key to attracting players for next season and beyond. It also has convenient transport links with the train station right next to the ground.

Crucially, the club, players and fans are used to the stadium. The Blue and Whites have an excellent record there and the logistics of match-days are tried and tested. City would need to start that process again at either Evesham or Bromsgrove.

Evesham’s Jubilee Stadium is perfectly accommodating but would need some work to bring it up to Conference North standard. It has car parking but is also some distance from the rail network and Evesham currently operate a shuttle bus service from the town centre to ferry fans in.

Bromsgrove’s Victoria Ground could welcome them tomorrow, according to chairman John Teece. They have some parking and are on a major bus route but, like Evesham, can’t boast close proximity to the trains.

The pitch has been a major issue at Aggborough but neither Evesham or Bromsgrove can be certain two teams would not have an effect on theirs.

The supporters, too, cannot be forgotten in this, after all they are the ones who provide City with the bulk of their revenue.

Privy to the financial figures they may not be but they need to be listened to nonetheless.

Nearly 450 voted in a Worcester News online poll - 100 more than attended Tuesday night’s 1-1 draw against Guiseley - and 61 per cent were in favour of Aggborough. Evesham polled 26 per cent of the vote, while Sporting came in with just 13 per cent.

Key to it all, though, is money.

City’s future, while less precarious now than it was 12 months ago, is still fragile and needs to be considered carefully. They have some money, but not lots of it, and have to be sure any move is right for them in that respect. Harriers might need the cash, in light of the recent worrying financial revelations with players not being paid, but aren’t necessarily in a position to drive too hard a bargain.

Evesham say they would be cheaper and Bromsgrove, similarly, have made an undisclosed offer. There’s plenty for City to ponder.