IT’S good to see FIFA are sticking to their usual habit of getting things done quickly.

It will be just the nine months between Sepp Blatter announcing his intention to step down as president and the date for a fresh election on February 26.

That’s positively lightning speed when compared to things like introducing goal-line technology or stamping out the deplorable racism that is still blighting the game.

But, seriously, we shouldn’t be surprised at football’s governing body dragging their heels in the name of reform.

After all, if they actually wanted to do something for the good of the game and its reputation, they would have done it by now.

Blatter’s decision to stand down just hours after being re-elected to a role already sullied by corruption was certainly welcome news.

But he should have resigned with immediate effect and accepted responsibility for one of the worst scandals to ever hit the sport.

The setting up of an 11-man task force to address corruption is all well and good but it’s akin to locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The damage has been done.

Instead, by hanging around like a bad smell until February, the Swiss is practically embarking on a farewell tour.

He may as well high-five all the nations who have kept him in office over the past two decades.

The fact he has even felt the need to state he won’t be standing for re-election in 2016 is further proof that he is completely detached from reality.

Blatter should walk away now and not drag this whole sorry episode out until February.