A QUESTION doing the rounds on a popular radio football phone-in recently has been this – can Leicester win the Barclays Premier League?

The general consensus is they can’t and pundit Robbie Savage is adamant they can’t.

His reasoning is that only teams that spend big can win the title and the Foxes don’t fall into that category.

He has a point. Money does buy titles.

But isn’t it wonderful to see Leicester at the top of the pile approaching Christmas?

Can they win it? Yes. Mathematically, of course they can.

Will they win it? Probably not, given the wealth of the sides around them and the experience within those teams.

But for this debate to even be happening is brilliant.

Leicester, after all, were bottom of the table 12 months ago.

They looked doomed to relegation for much of the campaign.

Claudio Ranieri’s team are just one example in a gloriously unpredictable season that, for me, makes it one of the best since the Premier League was formed.

Some people see Leicester’s position at the summit, promoted Watford in tenth and champions Chelsea in 14th as proof the league is weak. They may be right but they’re missing the point.

What it does, is make it exciting.

It’s eminently more fun to watch the so-called lesser sides continually topple the established elite.

It mixes things up and provides something different to season after season of the same teams dominating.

Isn’t it better for there to be an air of uncertainty going into a match between Leicester and Manchester United rather than the result being a foregone conclusion?

This season has shown that the Premier League can be much more than a predictable procession.

Leicester may not win the league come May but they’ll certainly play their part in making the outcome more intriguing.