FIVE Worcestershire Martial Arts members are celebrating after their black belt taekwondo gradings.

Joe Mitchell, Theresa Mitchell, Jamie Haden, Adam Monks and Neil Harvey all tasted success.

The Mitchells have been promoted to junior first degree (dan) black belt status.

Haden has been promoted to first degree (dan) black belt, with Monks and Harvey elevated to second degree (dan) black belt The students have now been handed their black belts at a Worcestershire Martial Arts black belt presentation.

Sally Gleaves, who runs Worcestershire Martial Arts, said: “It takes a minimum of four years years to achieve the first dan black belt and a minimum of six years to achieve the second dan. It is a great achievement for the students and the school.”

She added: “Jamie has been training a lot longer than four years, while Neil and Adam have built up experience and also gone beyond the minimum number of years.”

Gleaves said Monks runs the club with her and explained it is a community-based organisation staffed by volunteers.

The club will be taking on beginners in January and those interested should call 07813117684 or visit