WORCESTER'S Liam Turberfield finished the season second in the North Gloucester Road Racing Championship's pre-injection 700 class.

The St John's racer had bad luck at previous meetings with two engines blowing up among his troubles.

At Thruxton, Hampshire, Turberfield did a lap during practice before electrical problems caused the bike to pack up.

His crew changed a set of plugs and coils ahead of race one in wet conditions with Turberfield running fifth but first in class.

However, on the last lap the electrical issues hit again with the city rider coasting over the line for the category win and seventh overall.

But his crew then found a crimp connector that had come apart and he hoped the problem was sorted.  He got a useful start in the final race and went ahead before winning a battle with Daniel Jones.

Turberfield said: "It was a really enjoyable race. I didn't win the championship but second is very respectable and I'm pleased with my riding considering all the bike troubles I have had this year.

"I did the best with the tools I had and never gave up. Huge thanks to my fiancé Lou Shaw, the rest of the family and all the crew."

Turberfield is selling the Yamaha R6 though will use it next year if necessary but his main plans are with the new Kawasaki bike.

He added: "I'm still unsure on where to race it. I can either continue doing the short sprint races or I can try endurance racing.

"I have several teams who want me to ride with them which is very flattering knowing other people who I consider to be very good riders want me to join them.

"Sponsors will be required should any local business wish to get involved."

Turberfield can be found on Facebook @Lttracing.