STRIKER Mark Danks is looking to get game time elsewhere in order to revitalise his Worcester City career but insists: “I don’t want to leave.”

Having kicked off the campaign with nine goals in 10 starts and three substitute appearances, the City favourite has added just one to that tally since being sent off at Shawbury United in October.

Hampered by injuries, Danks has found nailing down a place difficult and admits to lacking the sharpness required to challenge Lee Hughes, Dave Reynolds and a resurgent James Baldwin for the right to kick off matches.

But in spite of delivering a frank assessment of his own situation, the frontman has no intention of throwing in the towel.

“I am not going to throw my dummy out of the pram. Yes, I want to play but I am not fit enough to so it is catch 22,” said Danks.

“If I do play, I am letting myself down and not doing well enough. I am probably fourth-choice striker now and rightly so but I am not going to get back into the squad by playing 10 minutes.

“I need to look at getting games while still being part of the club’s plans. I am still 100 per cent behind what we are doing.

“I had two really good months before getting sent off and then injured. Since then I have played 90 minutes once. Apart from that I think I’ve played something like 100-odd minutes and at my age, you need to be fit and playing.

“You can be doing all of the running in the world, you cannot replicate that game time and the sharpness it gives you. At the same time it is difficult for the manager to put me on because I am not going to give the team what I have delivered previously.

“It is tough but I know I can get back fit and playing again and that is what keeps me going.”

Asked for his solution, Danks replied: “I think I am going to get a game or two somewhere, I don’t know where yet but I need to play.

“I will still be there for Worcester City when required. Carrying on as I am, getting five minutes here and there, won’t give me or the team anything.

“I am not happy being on the bench but I understand it. Other people have come in and done well.

“It is down to mental toughness. Maybe I would have been a bit of a baby about it when I was 21 but I am 34 now so you learn to take the rough with the smooth.

“Off the pitch I feel like I am adding a bit more too. That’s the way I want to head eventually so you have to have the right mentality.

“I don’t want to leave. If I did it would be down to the management, not me. If I get myself fit I believe I still have a couple of years in me.

“It is in the back of my mind that I am not really involved at the minute but until that phone call or chat happens then I am fully committed to getting back in the team.”