CHAIRMAN Bill Bolsover is unsure when Worcester Warriors will be sold, admitting it could take two weeks or two years.

But he stressed Warriors’ shareholders were happy to stay patient and continue to invest in the club until a takeover deal was completed.

Warriors were put on the market by owners Sixways Holdings Limited in September last year with a view to securing new investors by the end of 2017.

Bolsover said the Premiership outfit had whittled down the list of suitors to “two or three very interested parties”.

But he insisted the board were keen to ensure they moved the club on “at the right time” and to the “right person”.

“We are progressing and things are happening,” said Bolsover on the sale.

“It’s going down its typical long route.

“I have just spoken to someone about buying a house and about it taking an extra few weeks.

“That’s what happens as there is a lot of work involved in selling a club.

“But I am quite happy that if it isn’t sold in the next six months we will just carry on doing what we have been doing.”

Rumours have circulated over who will take over Warriors with the Scottish Rugby Union, Jed McCrory and Ed Griffiths all reported to have put in bids.

Bolsover insisted Griffiths had “never been” in the picture but refused to rule out interest from McCrory’s consortium.

“(Jed) could be one of them,” said Bolsover on the interested parties.

“I am not going to speculate on that but what I will say is that Ed is certainly not.

“All of (the parties) are very positive and not only for the first team but the community work as well.

“One of them we are talking to is very keen on the community and young people which is pleasing.

“You need to be because we are not talking about a hugely successful sport financially so you have got to have another reason why you are going into it.”

Bolsover continued: “We are happy with the route we are going down.

“It could take two weeks, it could take two years. I don’t know. No one knows until someone signs (on the dotted line).”

Bolsover said Warriors’ shareholders have invested “an awful lot” of money into the squad with director of rugby Alan Solomons making 10 signings ahead of the 2018-19 season.

“We are very happy (to stay patient) and we have proved it,” Bolsover said.

“Yes, we thought we were likely to have done a deal in the past but we didn’t and we have carried on.

“We have taken on a new coaching team and players.

“We have stuck by them and the current owners have stuck by the commitment that we are all still putting money in to make sure we move this club on correctly, if we move it on.”

Greg Allen, who represents Sixways Holdings Limited on Warriors’ board, put the club up for sale with an asking price of £26.7million.

Asked whether Allen would be willing to sell the club and the 50-acre Sixways site, worth £17million, separately, Bolsover added: “If someone came along and Greg was happy to do it (separately) but he is not desperate to sell either.

"He has just decided that he will move it on.

“But I think it will be a package.”