CHAIRMAN Steve Goode insists Worcester City’s board is “100 per cent behind” manager John Snape but admits results will dictate the long-term security of his position.

Snape has come under fire from fans on the back of City exiting the FA Vase and losing three out of five league matches – the latest a 6-1 home thrashing by high-flying Westfields.

The results have seen Worcester drop to seventh in the Midland Football League Premier Division, 11 points off leaders Ilkeston Town in the only promotion place.

Goode was quick to back the boss to oversee an upturn in fortunes but revealed his future could be under threat should City not finish “in the top three or four” of the Midland Football League.

“I personally think John is the right man to get players in,” said Goode.

“There has been a bit of a merry-go-round but it is very difficult to get the ones you want with what we have to offer.

“John has a very tough job and is doing the best he can. We will get past Christmas and see how things are going but I think he is doing a decent job with what he has to work with.

“People have said to me John should go, it has been discussed because people are making comments but I think he is the sort of guy that would leave and part as friends if we were not happy.

“We will discuss it as a board as the season goes on. At the moment I am quite happy with what he is doing but every manager understands, when have a great game they’re God and when they have a bad one everyone wants them sacked. That’s just the way football is.

“Managers and players come and go and Worcester City is no different to any other team but I do hope John can turn it around, I’m sure he can.

“He was good in sticking by us when things were going pear shaped. I hope things change.

“If he thought he was not doing the job, I don’t think we would have to sack John. That’s the sort of bloke he is, one of the nice guys.

“John gets paid for doing a job and like any walk of life people will look at other things if you’re not getting results.

“We all want promotion, that’s one of our main targets. We need to be in the top three or four, no lower really or it would be a bad season.

“If we aren’t there, we would call John in to have a discussion about what the plans are.”

Questions had been raised on social media prior to the Westfields match but Goode felt it was that result which fanned the flames.

“It came to the boil after the Westfields match and it is worth noting the players apologised to me personally for the performance and didn’t blame the management,” Goode added.

“The team is a good unit, they are all friends who want to play for each other. We might not have done so well lately but the players still come in with smiles on their faces.

“They were all gutted about that performance. Generally, the effort our lads put in is second to none.”

Recent departures have added to the mix.

Goode was steadfast that Snape’s budget had remained unchanged from that set by the previous board prior to the start of the season but recognised City could not afford the same clout as some of their rivals.

“The budget has not changed. That is one thing we said we would stick to and we have,” said Goode.

“A lot of people assume we are paying silly wages but we’re not.

“There are a lot of players who don't get much money. I think people would be surprised at what some are paid and might have a different view about outcomes if they knew.

“Everyone has different views on where we should be. I would expect us to be in the top three or four, under that would not be acceptable to me.

“Then again, I have been very surprised to hear what some teams pay players. Some of it might be hearsay but if true, we would not be in a position to match that kind of money.”