Martyn Pattinson‏ (@Bigchap27).

What a game. In the first half we showed why we’re near the bottom and the second why there have been signs for optimism this year. I thought Mama made a huge difference when he came on.

Nikki Jamieson‏ (@NikkiJamieson67).

Second half they played really well, cut out the poor discipline that caused all first half points against. Ref totally dodged a penalty try, I mean how can you send three players off, have numerous penalties and not award it?!

Anthony Butterworth‏ (@goodlife_wr5).

He'd have ran out the place followed by 8,000 fans if we hadn't have won.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

Hard to be critical, but first half to forget. Solly can was lyrical about character all week though as we certainly had it in spades during that second half! Work to do, but absolutely over the moon with that win!

Mrs Ampo‏ (@Mrsampo).

Speechless and still stunned. What a final 19 minutes after the clock had gone to 80. Never seen anything like it. Are penalty tries not allowed when the clock has expired?!

Jon Dear (@1jondear).

They were fantastic in the first half last week. So what happened this week? That said I thought they showed patience and composure to win a game that will be known for its duration and excitement!

Rhys Smith‏ (@RhysBigGunSmith).

We ran some good lines and got ourselves and the supporters back in the game with the scrum and lineout both solid. Massive shift by Singleton and Arr.

Phil Roberts‏ (@philrob89).

Good result but we wouldn't be in that position had our discipline not been so lacking in the first 40. I worry that we rely on Heem to do everything positive recently. Great result though. Need a lie down.

Edd Cantle‏ (@EddCantle).

I think all Warriors fans will want to forget the first half! Penalty count was too high, throw-ins better, very odd shuffle that they now do! In the second half Bath tired but the period after the clock was just weird. Why was there not a penalty try? Need to watch the highlights!

JT‏ (@nineandjohn).

I don’t make a habit of criticising referees, but that last 19 minutes was a shambles. Duncan Weir should never have been under pressure for the final conversion as a penalty try should have been awarded much earlier. But much credit to Duncan for his calm and successful kick.

Alex Hill‏ (@Zander1967).

Terrible by us in the first half, much better in the second but the question remains how many more five-metre scrum penalties must Wuss have without a penalty try? Happy with the deserved win!