BANNED Worcester City keeper Dan Jezeph questioned being hit with a lengthier ban than Luis Suarez and insisted elements of the report that condemned him were “not true”.

The 21-year-old, who dual-registered with City from Tamworth, will not play again this season as a result of a 150-day suspension dished out by Worcestershire FA.

Jezeph admitted a charge of improper conduct against a match official including physical contact, violent conduct and threatening and/or abusive language/behaviour during City’s 6-1 defeat to Westfields on November 24, 2018.

He rushed out of his penalty area to remonstrate with referee James Cox over the fifth Westfields goal being allowed to stand.

It is understood the severity of the sanction centres around Jezeph bumping into the chest of the man in the middle.

Cox’s report resulted in a charge that carries a minimum of 84 days on the sidelines with the recommended ban being 182 days.

Suarez, then of Liverpool, was handed a 10-match suspension by the English FA for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in April 2013 and then was suspended from all football for four months by FIFA in July 2014 for a repeat incident on Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup that summer.

He also served a nine-month ban from international football for the Chiellini incident.

“I was in the wrong, my emotions got the better of me and still being young I will learn from that,” said Jezeph.

“But when you look at incidents that have happened in higher leagues, ones that are more in the spotlight do not get punished in the same way.

“Luis Suarez bit someone and got a four-month ban. You compare that with mine, I think it is very harsh.

“All I can do now is take it, be positive and just keep going.”

On the incident itself, Jezeph said: “I thought it was handball, most of the people around me did and I ran out to the ref.

“My only focus was on saying it was handball. In his report he (Cox) said I had said other things which was not true.

“I tried to get across my point and in the momentum of me running towards him my chest hit against his. It was not in an aggressive or intentional way, it was just the momentum of me running out which I should not have done.

“In the report it said I had knocked him back a couple of yards. If you have someone running at you full speed you are going to fall over.”

Asked to what extent he felt the referee’s report had been inaccurate, Jezeph said: “The key moments were inaccurate.”

Jezeph acknowledged he had used inappropriate language but denied saying what the report claimed.

On the prospect of returning to City in the future, Jezeph said: “I have spoken to Snapper (manager John Snape) already and he said the opportunity would always be there with him.

“Things were going well. There are no hard feelings so we will see what happens.”

Jezeph closed with a message to City’s supporters.

“I would like to apologise, I have let down the fans through my actions and this is something I need to learn from,” he added.

“I would like to thank everyone at Worcester for their support while I was at the club.”

Cox politely declined to comment.