INTERM head coach Tony Garbelotto has urged his players to stop finger pointing as he tries to repair Worcester Wolves’ “chemistry issues”.

Garbelotto arrived at Wolves two weeks ago and admitted the squad was “very fragile” and “low on confidence” after a wretched run of form in the British Basketball League.

Having also been in charge of Worcester’s past two defeats to Newcastle Eagles and Manchester Giants — extending their winless run to 17 matches — Garbelotto felt Wolves’ troops were also guilty of playing the blame game.

The former Great Britain chief, who has stepped into Ty Shaw’s shoes for one month, said he hoped to make an impact during his time at the club as Worcester prepare to host second-from-bottom Surrey Scorchers tonight (7.30pm).

“(Players were) very fragile, low on confidence and there were definitely some chemistry issues,” Garbelotto said.

“You could see that in the game against Newcastle as certain players were pointing at each other, asking ‘Why is he doing this and not doing that?’ “Every one of our players made a mistake in that game which cost us the win.

“I have told them you can’t point at someone else to say they are doing something wrong.

“You need to point at yourself and make sure you understand that when you do your job properly then it is my responsibility as a coach to then find a way to correct the other person who didn’t do their job.

“The one thing I always believe in is the trust process but that is a two-way street and doesn’t grow overnight.

“We are trying to install some values and I think that we will be able to repair some of the confidence.”

Garbelotto reckoned his men had been “very receptive” to his “open and honest” approach while still looking to “massage egos”.

“Accountability is very important. I think that they see straight away that if they do something wrong within a second in practice the whistle is going and I am stopping them and correcting them,” Garbelotto said.

“If they do it again I am going to say it again until we either go one way or another and we bring them in for a video session.

“Back in the day you could absolutely crush someone into the ground just in front of the whole team and embarrass them. Now it’s a little bit more about massaging egos.

“Lester Prosper is an interesting example with that.

“He is a very charismatic person but his ego is big so if you really push him down he might push against you.

“I said to the rest of the team and I was honest that the facts remain Lester made a few mistakes in the games on Friday and Sunday.

“I said the guy is 6ft 10in, has played nearly 80 minutes of basketball in those two games and I said he was carrying up and down the court, banging against all their big players.

“None of you other guys did that and you all want to point fingers at him sometimes for not doing something right.

“I said you guys are the ones making the mistakes out there and I think they are really respectful of me saying that. I thought Lester was giving us as great an effort as possible.

“Of course he has got some limitations but we don’t have Deshawn Freeman at this moment until he gets back so we didn’t have a good rotation.”